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Arizona Dive Shop

in Subic Bay

World Class Diving
For All Skill Levels

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Great Diving For All Levels

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Arizona Dive Shop is a premium dive center offering a variety of scuba diving courses and guided dives.

Experience the historical ship wrecks and amazing coral reefs!

We offer a huge variety of diving options (click here to see) to suit every customer individually, whether you are an expert or total beginner.

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Want to learn to scuba dive?

Natural Beauty of the Philippines

Subic Bay Beauty

The only place for WW2 wrecks, coral gardens, AND canyons

Whether Professional or Beginner

Range of Courses

From open water to tech courses, 5 meters to deep water diving

Bringing the Fun

The ONLY floating dive shop

World class diving + a vibrant nightlife

Only the Best

Top Notch Equipment

Aqua Lung & Apeks equipment meets 30 years of diving experience

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The instructors and staff at Arizona Dive Centre should be commended for delivering a top rate diver education program. – Brian

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These guys welded me into the dive community and challenged me at age 55.  I am inspired and have now logged 42 dives and love it. – Trevor